Rochester Medical Center’s 3D CT Angiography - Revolutionizing Heart Health

Rochester Medical Center’s cutting-edge diagnostic imaging procedure, 3D CT Angiography, combines the power of 3D CT scans, EKG technology, and advanced computing to craft incredibly detailed visuals of the heart’s vessels, valves, and chambers. This innovative approach not only helps diagnose various cardiac issues but also unveils valuable insights about heart health, including:

  • Coronary artery disease.
  • Enlargement or thickening of the muscle walls in the heart.
  • Determine safely, rapidly, and non-invasively who is at risk for heart attacks and cardiac death, and what to do about it.
  • Evaluate bypass grafts and stent patency (how well they are holding up), and not just score the calcium content of the arteries anymore.

How It’s Done

The procedure begins with an injection of contrast dye that is visible on CT scans. The dye allows our team to clearly see any potential blockages or other issues present in the patient’s coronary arteries. The CT machine will then take numerous pictures from different angles while the patient lies still on a table. The images are sent to a computer for interpretation by highly trained doctors who specialize in this procedure.

Why RMC?

Atallah Heart Center has been Michigan’s leading private cardiology practice for 45 years. We prioritize early detection and prevention of heart disease, emphasizing non-invasive outpatient care. Our goal is to minimize invasive procedures and surgeries. For specialized care, we collaborate with renowned institutions like Cleveland Clinic and Mayo Clinic. Your heart health is our top priority. Experience convenience, affordability, and advanced diagnostic testing at Rochester Diagnostic and Specialty Center.

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