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Atallah Heart Center

610 North Main Street
Rochester, MI 48307

In 1976 Professor Pierre Atallah established the Atallah Heart Center, a private outpatient clinic, to provide comprehensive diagnostic testing and cardiac rehabilitation to patients. It was the first of its kind in Michigan. State-of-the-art technology combined with focus on the patient as a person characterize the philosophy of the facility. It remains Michigan’s premier private cardiology practice.

RMC Primary Care

543 North Main Street Suite 321
Rochester, MI 48307

A private clinic specializing in primary care, internal medicine, family care, and women’s health. We practice academic, evidenced-based medicine to the highest level with your treatment goals firmly in mind. Our primary goal is to prevent disease while keeping our patients happy and healthy.

Diagnostic & Specialty Center

543 North Main Street Suite 421
Rochester, MI 48307

We provide comprehensive medical care including all diagnostic (CT, X-ray, Mammography, Stress Testing, Ultrasound etc.) and lab testing in a warm and friendly environment. All testing is onsite, affordable, and convenient. To schedule studies ordered by your physician, have the prescription ready and call us at 248-656-3105. We are located at 543 North Main Street.

Rochester EECP Center

543 North Main Street Suite 321
Rochester, MI 48307

The Rochester Medical Center’s EECP Center opened in March 2001. We treat refractory angina and help patients avoid heart surgery and stents. We continue to earn the confidence and support of physicians and referral centers across the nation because of our outstanding outcomes. We improve patient symptoms, quality of life, shortness of breath, chest pain, and exercise capacity.

Atallah Vascular Center

543 North Main Street Suite 211
Rochester, MI 48307

Vein disease impacts close to half the population and causes restless legs, cramping, swelling, fatigue, pain, varicose veins, and poor wound healing. It also affects the cardiovascular system by limiting blood flow back to the heart which can cause shortness of breath and fatigue. Vein disease is progressive and seriously impacts quality of life. At the Atallah Vascular Center we specialize in the latest techniques to help you look and feel your best. Don’t let vein disease hold you back, call today to learn more.
248-654-VEIN (8346).