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Are you tired of your health insurance premiums rising and your coverage decreasing? 
Don’t you want the best quality healthcare possible at an affordable price?

We have contacted local hospitals inquiring about their fees for diagnostic services.  Did you know that a procedure performed at the hospital will cost your insurance 3-6 times the amount it would cost to be performed at our facility?  Not only are these services highly expensive, but the increased fees also raise your out of pocket expenses such as your co-pays, co-insurances and deductibles.  We can provide the same quality services faster, better and more affordable. 

Below are just a few comparisons from a very recent survey that shows  that Hospital's prices are THREE to SIX Times HIGHER.  Just imagine the savings you can make on your Copays and Deductibles by having these services at our Rochester Diagnostic Center! 

EKG $82.00 $108.00 $45.00
CHEST X-RAY $120.00 $209.50 $49.00
24 HOUR HOLTER MONITOR $502.00 $220.00 $125.00
MAMMOGRAM $634.00 $419.50 $150.00
PELVIC ULTRASOUND $357.00 $575.00 $150.00
ABDOMINAL ULTRASOUND $360.00 $597.00 $150.00
ECHO/CARDIAC DOPPLER $1,200.00 $780.00 $225.00
CAROTID ULTRASOUND $780.00 $700.00 $225.00
CAT SCAN PELVIS $1,440.00 $2,101.00 $390.00
CAT SCAN CHEST $1,650.00 $1,876.00 $390.00
CAT SCAN ABDOMEN $1,062.00 $1,745.00 $390.00
NUCLEAR STRESS TEST $1,520.00 $3,000.00 $825.00

All you need to do is call 248-656-3105

We cannot wait for the government to fix our healthcare issues.  We must partner together and make a stand.  What are you waiting for?